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Scotch 2018 9 Pin No Tap Fundraiser @ Waveland Bowl Sunday, September 17th 2017.
*Handicap will be based on 100% of 225 average
*Registration: 9:00 AM-9:45AM
*Tournament: 10:00AM-12:00 PM
*Side Pots will include blind doubles for an additional $10.00 per person
*Mystery Score for first and second game for $4.00
*50/50 Tickets
*$30.00 Entry Fee
Please visit us on facebook at to accept invite

Thank You Again!

Putting the wraps on another fun tournament weekend!
* This year we mailed out almost $14,000 in prize fund payouts for singles, doubles, team, and all events. Watch your mail bowlers!
* Thanks to more bowlers, more sponsors, and more bowler participation, SCOTCH 2017 paid out almost 30% more than SCOTCH 2016 for main event prizes. Total payouts for 2017 including side pots were almost 17% higher than 2016.
* SCOTCH 2017 paid out almost $31,000 in cash prizes.

Thank you!

Another one in the books! Thanks again to everyone who helped make the SCOTCH 2016 bowling tournament a success - E.C., extended board, volunteers, venues, sponsors, and of course all the bowlers from Chicago and beyond. We hope to see everyone back in 2017!

Traffic Alert

Traffic Alert: Demolition of the Western Avenue overpass at Belmont and Clybourn Avenues is currently underway. This is about a half mile south of Waveland Bowl. The Chicago Department of Transportation recommends Ashland Avenue as an alternate north-south route and Diversey Parkway as an east-west detour. Please plan accordingly, as there will be traffic delays.