Thank You Again!

Putting the wraps on another fun tournament weekend!
* This year we mailed out almost $14,000 in prize fund payouts for singles, doubles, team, and all events. Watch your mail bowlers!
* Thanks to more bowlers, more sponsors, and more bowler participation, SCOTCH 2017 paid out almost 30% more than SCOTCH 2016 for main event prizes. Total payouts for 2017 including side pots were almost 17% higher than 2016.
* SCOTCH 2017 paid out almost $31,000 in cash prizes.
* Over 80 bowlers out of 140 won something in the main events and side pots, ranging from $10 to nearly $1,500. And that doesn't include whoever won the cash raffles at the banquet.
Thank you again to everyone who was a part of SCOTCH 2017!